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Financial Modelling – See Your Financial Future

Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling – See Your Financial Future


Financial Modelling – what is it?  Designers and engineers can create a 3D model on a computer, before creating the real object. It can be tested in that virtual world to get it right, and then, when all the flaws are removed, the object is created in reality. Now we can do this with our financial and wealth creation planning!

I want to introduce you to a financial modelling tool that allows us to create a detailed plan for our financial health and wealth creation for up to 30 years into the future.  It is revolutionary and takes the guesswork out of making those tricky decisions that we know will impact our financial future, and usually we’re not sure how.  Now, we can clearly see the future (modelled) picture.  It’s the closest thing we can have, to a crystal ball.  It’s called Financial Mappers.

Do you know how much income from investments (what I call portfolio profits) you would need, to be able to stop working for money, and do something else with your time and energy?  Most of us need to do a bit of number crunching to be clear on this, starting with knowing how much our desired lifestyle costs us today.  

Let’s say we know that if we had $100k of gross income from investments, we could hang up our hat and head for the beach every day.

And let’s just say that we want to be able to do this in 20 year’s time.

Would you know how to create a specific plan that would make this happen?

I do.

All you need is to know how to be a savvy investor, (so that you have a toolbox of strategies that you understand, and know which ones appeal to you and work for you) and use Financial Mappers to carve out a specific plan for those 20 years. (If you’re not yet a savvy investor, but would like to be, you can check out my Savvy Investor Express course, which is coming soon.)

If you’re already a savvy investor, check out the financial modelling capability of Financial Mappers. Just like those engineers, you can create and tweak your financial plan, so that it provides your 100k per year in 20years time (in current dollars).  Input your preferred strategies, with your estimates for rates of loan interest, inflation, performance returns and much more.  It calculates tax payable on investment returns, and carries each year’s net return (after taxes, expenses and fees) over to the next.  You specify how much of your work income goes into your investing plan for every year of your plan, and it does all the magic cash flow calculations to show the cumulative returns on your investments over the years.

FM Plan Outcomes

Click on this picture below, to find out more about Financial Mappers.

What is Financial Mapping

I’m happy to recommend this financial modelling tool because it’s the best I’ve seen, and the detailed planning outcomes it provides. Also – in the spirit of full disclosure I will also add that I receive a commission on purchases made due to my recommendations.  I use Financial Mappers personally, and now recommend it to any of my clients who need to manage their debt reduction, investment planning, or retirement funding.

Wishing you Abundance and Prosperity,

Glenda Nicholls



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