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Life changing Results Experienced By These Happy People!

A few of our valued clients sharing the love.....
Gail and Paul Shute
Cleaning and Transport Services
Debra Jarvis
Michelle H.
Dental Hygienist
Andrew Purchase
Business and Church growth specialist
Samantha Lyttle
Marketing Coach

Here's What Our Clients Say

Samantha Lyttle.
Marketing Coach

Kerstin Fritsches.
Post Doctorate Researcher Trainer

My finances lacked the structure and clarity they needed to have, to allow the growth and expansion I expected in my business.

The Financial Power Platform has been such a valuable tool in helping me create a financial plan to support both my business and life goals.  Before creating my money map using Glenda’s system, I had been looking for a long time to find a system to manage my finances that was easy to understand, really made sense to me and met all of my business and life requirements – finally I found it!

By following the program, I then had a brilliant system in place that I was so happy with.  I felt so much clearer in moving forward and it easily allowed my finances to expand in alignment with my goals and vision.”

I was curious to know how to make goal setting more effective.

I found the process in Glenda's Life Designer Program really helpful to not only set goals that were aligned with my purpose and values, but then take it further and create specific action steps, to actually do things that brought my goals into definite reality.  One of the things I started doing straight away as a result of this was to spend more time with friends, and build up the social part of my life.  The extra connection and good times this created have been fantastic!



Gail and Paul Shute
Residential Cleaning and Transport Services

Debra Jarvis

Before we met Glenda, we were in a seemingly hopeless place financially, with neither of us being able to see a bright future. 

At our time of life, (aged in our 60’s), owning our own home again seemed an impossible dream.  Glenda however, saw things in a different light, and was able to bring forward the best in us, guiding us to create new goals and ideas, giving us the belief in ourselves that our dreams could and would become reality. 

Glenda provided strong guidance and discipline with financial matters and a wealth of positive input that set us on the road to recovery!  Two and a half years of hard work with Glenda coaching us through each difficult turn has enabled us to triumph over all odds, and now we have bought a home and a new car, with a wonderful future and a very good friend who never gave up on us.

Intrigued by the concept of futurecrafting, I attended this workshop with - I thought - an open mind to learning something new to help me craft a better future for myself and my relationships. 

I learned a few things about myself that I knew, but not as solidly as being bashed about the head with a bit of chunky 4″X 2″. I’m goal focused, I do what I need to do, and I put off enjoying today because I’ll get it all at the end. OMG I put off enjoying today! Where did the belief come from that quality of life today doesn’t matter??? In debriefing and looking at inbuilt strategies I got great distinctions on better questions to ask myself to improve my outcomes in business and to improve my lifestyle options today.

….weeks later….(PS The pennies keep dropping. Both my partner and I recognized we had mental blocks about recurring revenue, we got it logically, not emotionally. Despite all the years of training we’ve had, all the thousands of dollars we’ve spent, we realized that we had a belief that we had to work for money. We are now looking at our business in a different way, our focus and our priorities have changed. Thank You Glenda!


Michelle H.
Dental Hygienist

Andrew Purchase.
Business and Church Growth Specialist


I am part of the "now generation"and had not mastered the skill of delayed gratification, and at one point in my life had five credit cards!

I did not know where to start getting myself out of the deep financial pit of debt I had gotten myself into.

I looked to books and seminars for the answers. They spoke about the facts, how to invest, why you do not want to pay interest etc.  All great information but what I needed was the step before that.

I needed to go back to basics and review my thoughts and relationship with money. It was my mental conditioning around money that needed examining.  The Financial Power Platform program provided that for me.

The program was easy to follow, I watched the presentations wherever I was, through my iPad, iPhone or computer. It gave me a lot to think about and I have learnt a lot, but more than that, it gave me hope that I can eventually become financially free.                             


I was at a major crossroads that involved every area of my life.  I found it difficult to decide which path to take next.

Then I embarked on Glenda's Life Designer Program. Glenda has this extremely rare and incredible ability when coaching, to sift through the mountains of information and then draw it all together in a succinct understanding of the core essentials and even more amazingly then come up with the perfect solution - and with such style and grace.

I count myself most fortunate to have personally benefited from these unique and most helpful qualities.

Eleni Szemeti.
Founder, Bounce Hub Business Support Group

Deidre Brooks.


When Glenda started coaching me I had just had a serious illness which was still undefined, and the main problem I felt I needed help with was getting a good night’s sleep. Three months later and my life had drastically changed for the better.

With Glenda’s nudging (and I must admit sometimes a solid push and shove) I faced up to some deeper issues that were affecting not just my sleep, but everything in my life. My sleep improved. My health improved. My relationships improved. I found Glenda to be just the right mix of caring, facilitating, and when required, solid straight talking, to get me over some serious hurdles.

Everything now looks so brighter and I’ve had more energy to utilise to grow my business, so that has improved as well. I can’t imagine where I would be right now without the vast improvement in my mindset and energy that I’ve experienced as a result of Glenda’s coaching.

Thank you Glenda!

I was faced with job redundancy, and this led me to seek help on how to create a more secure financial future.

I wasn’t happy with the dry and unimaginative “holding pattern” advice from my financial advisor so I said “yes” to Glenda’s Strategy session. During this process I gained clarity about what I wanted to achieve, (what my “Money Mission” is, as Glenda puts it ) what my next strategic steps should be about money management and investment, and how to get started.  

I have put those steps into action, restructured our spending, educated myself and started an online business, and used my termination funds to begin investing in property and shares. Now, several months later, I’m absolutely thrilled with the results so far which means that I now have a long term income and investment strategy for financial security which I also enjoy doing – seems more like a hobby than a chore. Wish I had done something like this years ago.

The Money Maestro Model

If you are like a lot of hard-working professionals or business owners that I work with who are seeking time freedom through investing, then you’ll want a proven wealth creation model created specifically for savvy investors who want to easily and efficiently create money and time freedom for a fabulous life.

The Money Maestro Model® is just that: a proven, five part model that reveals each step on the path to being a Money Maestro who consciously creates a fabulous life - funded by savvy investments and fuelled by growing personal empowerment.

When you pop your details in below, we'll email you the complete model straight away. (Check your junk folder if you don't see it.)