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7 Natural Laws of Money Flow Ebook

The 7 Natural Laws of Money Flow
Apply these Laws to Escalate your Income and Empower Your Life
  • Wonder how you can EVER escape the rat race and have money flowing in continuously?
  • Do you want a PROVEN system that produces passive income and financial independence?
  • Would You Like to know the Secret Strategies of Wealthy that ANYONE can use to be rich?
  • Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Life and Get all the Money and Freedom you Deserve?
If you’ve answered yes, then I know this is the solution  you’ve been searching for.  Finally! A simple system to help you get more money and work a plan NOW to become financially independent in the not too far off future!
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Glenda Nicholls

Author: The 7 Natural Laws of Money Flow


I grew up feeling poor and terribly restricted.  I was sick of feeling unable to do things because there was no money.  I really wanted to solve the mystery about how rich people got their money and knew that if I could discover their secret – I could copy it and get the freedom I deserved for myself.

When you ask a question, with a strong desire to find it’s answer, and actively seek that answer – it is given to you.  That’s what happened to me, and I have  discovered the secrets to achieve Financial Freedom.

 I met wealthy people and actively studied how to become rich – not because I wanted to be insanely wealthy – I just wanted to be free.  I wanted to live my best life on my terms – not those placed on me by an employer or “the system”. What I discovered is that it is absurdly simple to achieve financial freedom.  

All you have to do is implement some knowledge, change some ways of thinking, and then stick to a plan and amazingly quickly you’re there.  But you do need the knowledge.  And then you need to apply it.  You don’t need to be smart.  All you need to do is follow the recipe.  


How to make more money fast by simply applying one principle to what you already do.

The secret to making more and more money flow towards you – as if you are a Money Magnet.

What you must NOT do if you want more money. (And everyone says it is what you should do!)

The most crucial insider strategy used by the wealthy to create their riches.

How to get an automatic pay rise.

How to create an unstoppable source of FREE money flowing to you for the rest of your life!
More than 20 years of the author's research and application has produced this knowledge. This is a major paradigm shift that will have money chasing you, rather than you chasing money. The laws of money flow are not taught anywhere in our formal education system. This is why there is so much stress and confusion everywhere with people struggling to make ends meet and being clueless about how to do it.

People (like me) can take many long years of their lives to discover how to be wealthy, or just how to get more money through trial and error.  This is born of a strong desire to have the freedom that surplus money can bring. If you have that desire for freedom, you now hold the key to your future. Now it is all compiled here as a single body of knowledge which – when applied – will bring you the freedom to fund whatever kind of life you long for. 
" What a fabulous undertaking and it’s a beautiful piece of work with such wonderful content. It gives a tonne of value to the reader. A superb job on the layout too.. "
Samantha Lyttle
Marketing Coach
" I found your book very easy to read and extremely methodical. It has a step by step approach that makes creating wealth seem as easy and logical as baking a simple sponge cake. If only we all had this success recipe everyone would reach their wealth goals. I think this system would be a great present for a 21 year old. "
Jan Leese
" Thanks for your e-book – it’s fabulous. Love the layout and the way you have put it all together. Absolutely first class.The mix of stories and information is great. Love it! "
Sue McGary
Founder of French Affair
" Glenda has taken a mysterious topic and turned it into a common sense step by step process that can turn your life around. It makes you think how different your life would be if you had known these principles since the day you left school. Where would you be now? It is a simple story that everybody needs to read, and implement in their lives. "
Peter Fehon
B.Bus, CA, CPA. Business Coach, Mentor, Strategist, Author.
" I particularly liked the bit about knowing what you are worth and charging more: try it out and see what happens. Your lessons are transferable to anybody in business. Tim M "
Tim Murray
" After a thorough read of your book I have to say I am very impressed. What you have written is clear and logical and most importantly rings true to me. "
Jean McInerny

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