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Complete Money Freedom

COMPLETE Money Freedom
12 Key Conversations About Money
Unlock Purposeful Prosperity for Your Dream Driven Life
  • Do you want a life that is fun, meaningful, and fulfilling, without worrying about money?
  • Want to know the secrets to bringing in all the money you want and deserve?
  • Are you ready to discover some underlying beliefs and assumptions that may be holding you back from more prosperity?
  • Would you like to discover how to re-wire your brain to  allow higher levels of financial success?
  • Do you need to bring more peace, and leisure time back in to your life, without sacrificing income?
Complete Money Freedom
If you’ve answered yes, then reading this book will give you some powerful answers.  As well as core money principles, you will discover some ways of being that may well be preventing the prosperity that could be yours. Once discovered, you will be empowered to re-wire your brain and use specific keys along the way, to open the doors to live the life that your soul deeply and truly desires.
Complete Money Freedom
Glenda Nicholls

Glenda Nicholls

Author: Complete Money Freedom - 12 Key Conversations About Money


Glenda’s mission is to empower and educate people to live their best life. This is a life where they love what they do every day because they understand their current purpose, know how to create vision for their future, and money is easily made and managed so that it enables rather than restricts them. It is a life of serial success rather than endless stress.

She believes that we are created with enormous potential to enjoy life and contribute our talents to the world around us, and hates to see the destructive forces that can get in the way of that.

Glenda works with all kinds of people, from employees to business owners, to facilitate their sense of purpose and destiny, and guides the step by step attainment of their dreams through her speaking, educational programs, and coaching. 


In This Book You Will Discover....

How to find your Sweet Spot which causes your money magnetism transformation.

That freedom is not what you probably think it is, and this new definition will create much more peace and contentment for you.

The Retirement Myth.  Our conditioning on this subject, and some of it's fallacies are revealed, with keys for more conscious choice and preparation.

What success really is, and the most important principle to apply in order to have a happy, fulfilling, prosperous life. 

What the Prosperity Paradox is, and what you can do about it, to make it work in your favour.

What causes people to chase you and throw money at you!   (Hint:  It's got something to do with what THEY want and need.)
What readers have said so far:
"Complete Money Freedom - 12 keys Conversations about Money” is more than just general money advice. Glenda has introduced general money questions in such a pleasurable way, connecting money issues with basic life skills. The financial area has always been a scary place for me, however I felt surprisingly comfortable and confident while reading her book because I could relate to the personal concepts and their connection with money issues, which were very well explained. She has so much to share and I recommend this book to anyone who would like to improve not just their own financial situation but more importantly their own mindset about the opportunities life has to offer and how to start feeling connected with it all.
Luciane SperlingFounder, Inner Light
Author Glenda Nicholls, in her new book Complete Money Freedom, has been able to change the thought process of acquiring money. She explains it’s the way we look at our value to ourselves and to those around us, and that we need to develop those skills that will assist us towards those goals that we have created a vision for. She explains that we cannot wait for the world to look after us, that life is not always fair, but we can create that future that we want – if we have that vision and the willingness to change and develop ourselves. If you are truly wishing to create a positive future for yourself and gain complete money freedom then this book is for you!
Tony ParkAuthor of Business Tribes and past Director of Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Glenda writes more about the psychology of money. Glenda shows us that financial wealth is less about earning it, and more about having a positive money mindset. She makes the point of saying that with strategic visioning and a life plan, anyone can build financial wealth. Then they just need to understand the basics, and throughout the book discusses many aspects of saving, investing and managing your money. The biggest blind spot that keeps us from achieving prosperity is our relationship to money. Our fears around money can hold us back. Her chapter “Busting Fear” is a must read because our beliefs around money can stifle our ability to learn, grow and change and ultimately impact our ability to reach our financial money potential. Glenda also provides good strategies for accumulating wealth and gives examples of case studies, with clients that she’s helped to overcome their money problems, and to adopt a good attitude and good habits towards accumulating wealth. Glenda writes with an engaging style that’s open and honest, and shares her personal experiences with money of how to make smart, savvy decisions. Through reading Glenda’s book you will be inspired and motivated, feel more confident in your abilities, and well on your way to creating a life of abundance and happiness.
Fiona CraigLife Balance Coach
I've read other money related books before and found them dry and heady ... Reading your book was like drinking liquid gold and made so much sense especially around changing our inner world to support the external changes ...
Cindy ForemanCustomer Service Operator
In my business for 24 + years I have interviewed many and employed some staff. Of those employed a small number have been exceptional; most have been average; a few less than average. Being employed is so fundamental for most people that they take their position for granted and the majority see it as their right to turn up every day and therefore get paid - seemingly just for turning up! As an employer I see it differently but until I read CHAPTER 7 of "COMPLETE Money Freedom" I could not have defined what makes an exceptional employee apart from personality, enthusiasm or "intelligence" and I could only explain the difference in a somewhat clumsy fashion. If the purchase price of the book was only to gain the advice and wisdom contained in CHAPTER 7 alone it would be worth every cent. CHAPTER 7 should be read by every employee so they know what they can do to be the most exceptional and valued person in their workplace. And honestly most bosses are reasonably easy to please; it is actually not that hard to be an exceptional employee but it does take a little more than "just turning up". For this chapter alone I loved this book and there are 11 other chapters at no extra cost! Lastly, I would add that every employer should also read this book just to help define ideas that can help them in their own lives, occupation and wealth management (and to pass a copy on to their employees so they can also have great staff!).
Jeanette MonosOwner / Village Furniture Sunbury, Victoria
"I've started reading and am thoroughly enjoying your book!!! Very insightful. I'd love to get another copy to give to my son... Thank you again for writing and publishing your book. It's already making a positive difference to me and causing me to question my beliefs on money, wealth, and how I treat money!"
Kellie EwartBuilding Manager / The Emporium, Brisbane
"Really enjoying your book, Glenda. It's really got me thinking & beginning to see things in a different way. I'm going to have to read it again after I'm finished the 1st time & work on some of the things you recommend. It's great how you explain so many of the interrelated aspects of money, our gifts & talents, plus our personal (& cultural) issues/hangups, ingrained thinking, etc. I really do think this is very timely for us."
Simon PaechWeather Pattern Analyst
"I got my signed copy late last year, thank you Glenda! I'm not a great I feel a little guilty that I haven't yet read it all. However, I did flick through the pages and read a little! I found this chapter called "Busting Fear" - Chapter 9. I read a little about busting fear........ and this little bit of reading has had a huge affect on my current situation in life!! Glenda writes so that she engages the reader, and really gets to the point in a fun way. Even her choice of font and format of the page makes it an easy read. Well just by reading some of this chapter, I recognized some things about myself that I had not thought of before in relation to fear and stress. It made me think! I have now acknowledged this fear and stress and am taking steps to let it go and move on with the important things in life. I find I am more focused on doing things that make me happy, and less worried about things that I was fearful about. So as Glenda writes about, letting go of fear can lead to great things, but you need to recognize the fear and/or other things that are stopping you from living your best life! I learned this great tip, and I haven't even read the whole book!"
Louise RossiData Analyst
"Well just finished reading your book Glenda! How I would have loved to have had this knowledge a few decades ago! But never too late. Love the keys at the end of each chapter. Highly highly recommend this book to my friends and family."
Susan YoungAdministration Specialist
Great book! Make sure you get a copy! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and the lessons you have given. Well done!
Eleni SzemetiEntrepreneur - Founder - Bounce Hub
Complete Money Freedom
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