Imagine your perfect lifestyle in one year...  5 years ... 10 years... It's yours with this innovative process to

Create Your Fabulous Life

Are you. . . . .
  • Sick of the rat race, working really hard and not seeming to get anywhere?
  • Falling into bed exhausted, then still feeling rotten next morning…
  • Pulled in different directions, making you feel fragmented and out of control?
  • Can't follow through with money-making strategies you’ve learned about.
  • Ticked off that other people seem to have so much, and get it so easily?
  • Wish there was more happiness and fulfilment in your life?
woman thinking small
  • Need to create more financial security for yourself and those you love?
  • Know you have more potential and don't know how to activate it?
  • Want a lot more from life than you currently have, or can ever see happening?
  • Just want to be peaceful and happy instead of constantly stressed?
  • Seeking a sense of meaning and purpose?

Here is the way to renovate your life and make it exactly how you want it.


The Life Designer Program

Redesign and Create a Brand New Life!!

Because I grew up with a burning desire to have a life unlimited by money, where I could thoroughly enjoy every day, I worked out how to do that by some trial and error, and lots of education. Now I've combined all that I've learned into a one-of-a-kind program that gives you a detailed process to dream of how you want your life to be, and then really make that happen.
The Life Designer program fills the gap for you between wanting a better life, and more money, and maybe even knowing some strategies, but not seeming to be able to take action to DO it.  It gives you a proven system to ignite your passions and energy to take targeted, identity driven action to effortlessly achieve your dreams.

Glenda Nicholls

Founder Money Success System

Whats Included?

Define Your Purpose

You are guided through a process where you get clarity about Your Purpose. By the end of this section you will hold a powerful one sentence Purpose Statement.

Instead of uncertainty and not knowing which way to jump, you now have a clear meaning for your life. Now you can make fast, correct decisions that are aligned with your purpose statement, which will enhance your happiness, financial success and impact in the world.

12 Month Plan

You will recognize and define your dreams with spectacular clarity. You will then move through a unique and fun step by step process to create a list of your desired outcomes in 9 key areas of life.

This leads you to compile your Success Blueprint which will contain your defined goals and a date-specific action plan and it's related money targets.

During this process, you are guided to create powerful mindset affirmations and start at least 9 new habits.

You are now empowered with an authentic Personalized Blueprint that leads you to success step by step in achieving the outcomes you specified in your 12-month plan.  You don’t have to re-think anything. It’s all there in the blueprint for you to simply act on.  Life is easy and productive!

Understand your Highest Values

You will engage in an interactive process that defines exactly what your Highest Values are with extreme clarity!

Now you are completely clear on what to say ”yes” and “no” to, and what to give priority to. You are now a fast action taker and decision making whiz. If it doesn’t involve your highest values it’s now not part of your best life. Simple.

Whole of Life Plan

You will also create a Whole of Life plan, which will give you a sense of direction for your current decade, and each decade of your life. Of course, this doesn't lock you in! You can change the plan any time you want to!

You have the peace and clarity of having settled on a direction, YOUR plan – as specific or general as YOU want it to be. YOU are now the director running this show called life – not being buffeted around at the will of others.

Get Unstuck

You will learn how to identify your underlying limiting beliefs and what to do about them! This allows you to smash the roadblocks that are holding you back.

You are now an unstoppable action powerhouse! And that constant background chatter – gone!  You deal with it and move on, getting extraordinary results FAST.  

Personal Coaching

You are not alone in this. You will have one-on-one mentoring when you need it which means you get external, personalised assistance to get over any hurdles you need help with.

You have a secret resource.  Your mentor and coach, (me) who is 100% invested in facilitating you to achieve the life of your dreams.  You belong to an A-team and together we are going to get this done!

Visualize your Future

Utilize the same visualization strategies as world-class athletes, to create your future life vision with our "done for you" visualizations.  

Now your subconscious mind is communicating with your conscious mind, and you are aware of your deeply hidden desires – the ones the really drive you. With this truth, you can alter your course and move to where you really want to be.

Sharpen Self Awareness

Take a crash course in psychology, and complete several personality and operating style profiles to explode and empower your self awareness.

Your personal power  is ignited when you understand what makes you tick, and what doesn’t. This adds to your newfound clarity and now you know just who you are, what you are about, what you’ll be part of, and what you will say “no way” to.

Rewrite Your Program

Discover how to reprogram your subconscious mind to change at the deep level of your identity, so that the changes you need to implement are crazy simple instead of doomed.

Setting new directions in life is now easy because you understand how to redirect the real driver.  No struggling to do new things and stop doing old things.  The new processes and  opportunities you want now show up effortlessly all the time for you.

How Does it Work?
  • You will have access to the online Life Designer Program - one of our Money Maestro Programs.
  • Complete the 3 phase, 8 step process to Create your Life Design completely at your own pace.
  • Take yourself through the audio and written training and interactive software activities
  • Contact Glenda when you are ready for your personal coaching/mentoring sessions.
  • When you complete the program you will have created your Success Blueprint for the next year. This contains your authentic goals, steps, habits, affirmations – a complete guide for you to follow to achieve your dreams for that year. 
  • You will also have Your Money Manifesto – your guide to the money you need to make or hold on to – to fund your success blueprint dreams.
Here is your Offer.

Lifetime access to the Money Maestro Life Designer Membership Onine Program, with all the features described above.

This is jam packed with the 3 phase,  8 step process to Create your Life Design. It includes 25 hours of transformative goodness including time spent listening, reading, and completing interactive exercises.

Value = $4000

At any stage you desire, you can contact Glenda for coaching / mentoring. This will most likely be during the first phase, since this involves methods to change your current subconscious programming and make identity adjustments You are taught what to do, but this area is best covered with some coaching.

You have 2 hours of coaching, best taken in 2 sessions of 1 hour. Coaching calls will be by telephone or Skype.

Value = $660

Get The Life Designer Program NOW for $4660 $1990.

Here is what other participants said....
To ensure you have complete confidence that you are getting what you want, and are taking no risk whatsoever with your money we are confident to offer a 7 day money back guarantee.  You can contact us at   You will also find contact details inside the membership site.  In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with this program we will issue an immediate refund.
So now you have 3 options....


You can do nothing and put up with life not being what you want it to be.


You can try and change your life all by yourself, and maybe get to a different place than you are now. Trouble is, you may still miss the crucial information that makes changing your life EASY.


You can sign up for this course now, and take immediate effective steps that will create lasting and easy change and bring you exactly the life you really want.
Time to choose....


If you want to get rid of the stress and frustration of knowing there’s a better "you" and a better life for you, then you have just been offered the magic lamp. You just need to take it, and rub! If you know that your disillusionment and inability to reach that larger degree of wealth is because you haven’t got "your head together" then you simply must complete this program. You have NOTHING TO LOSE and a whole better future to GAIN by completing the Money Maestro LIFE DESIGNER PROGRAM.


When you take advantage of this Program… you’ll wonder why you spent so much of your life travelling without a map! No more will you have to worry or stress about your life direction or money… This program will change your life!
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The Money Maestro Model

If you are like a lot of hard-working professionals or business owners that I work with who are seeking time freedom through investing, then you’ll want a proven wealth creation model created specifically for savvy investors who want to easily and efficiently create money and time freedom for a fabulous life.

The Money Maestro Model® is just that: a proven, five part model that reveals each step on the path to being a Money Maestro who consciously creates a fabulous life - funded by savvy investments and fuelled by growing personal empowerment.

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