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The Art of Futurecrafting

Are you ready to shake up your current results in the game of life?

The Art of Futurecrafting 2

 Join us for a unique experience. . .

Where you will –

  • Discover the elements of successfully shaping a fabulous future.


  • Play a brand new, live, action packed experiential learning game (it’s not electronic, and it’s not a board game) in which you put your new future-crafting knowledge into action.


  • Receive an email with the information about location and dates, and the opportunity to register, when you register your expression of interest below .

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  • Find out what you need to do in order to successfully set and reach your goals.



  • Uncover the essential keys to make things HAPPEN instead of dreaming forever



  • Develop the key thought processes that enable you to achieve your goals. 

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What previous participants said…

I’m 53 years old and have been sitting on a government pension for years wondering how I can get out of the hole I’ve found myself in both emotionally and financially. Playing the Futurecrafting game opened my eyes to how I was holding myself back and missing opportunities through my survival mindset. I had no idea I was so focused on survival. Luckily for me I paired up with two people who saw the world differently and together we forged ahead and won the game!!! Hahaha It’s been transformative 😀

In the couple of days since the event my brain has been firing on all cylinders and my business ideas have been really coming together. I strongly suggest anybody who has been going around in circles like me do the Futurecrafting event and find out for themselves what is holding them back and how to change their mindset and move forward.

Jessie Harlow, Brisbane, Australia


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say once again a big ‘Thank You’ for inviting us to Saturday afternoon.  The enormous amount of work you put into the afternoon was obvious.  Much food for thought.  I really liked the idea of the ‘sweet spot’.  Makes perfect sense.

Merran, Gold Coast, Australia.

The Money Maestro Model

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