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Glenda Nicholls
Glenda Nicholls
Founder, Money Success System
Hello there!  Thank you for your interest.

This coaching, education, and advisory business was born in 2009 when I decided to teach what I had learned and applied in order to reach a multimillion dollar net worth. 

I always feel a bit weird saying that - especially in Australia where we don't talk about money all that much - but I happen to know that many of us secretly really want to be millionaires. 

I also know that what most of us want is to get our financial stuff sorted, and feel like we're in control and on top of it again, with a plan to work with - in other words we want financial security first and foremost. And these days, most of us are working really long hours and feeling like there's got to be more to life. Well there is!! It just takes some financial strategising, and commitment to following that plan, and a life with more time, more energy, and more freedom can be yours too.

Glenda's (short) story.

Like many who grew up in the post war era, I felt a sense of financial scarcity and I didn't want that for my whole life.  So I developed a keen interest in how to create financial abundance - to "feel comfortable" as we Aussies say.  And after working in the corporate world for ten years or so, I became very interested in how to work less, while growing our net worth to generate income for us a bit later on.

I was bamboozled about how people got to be millionaires, and billionaires, and retire early.  Just didn't get it, and wanted to.

After purchasing and renovating a couple of homes, I (and my husband) attended some intensive wealth creation courses and the light finally dawned.  Within 5 years of putting what we learned into action, we had reached our multimillion dollar net worth goal.

So after being a physiotherapist, software systems analyst, investor, builder, and completing an NLP certification, I decided to teach others what I had learned and done, and coach them to do the same.  I have also qualified as a Financial Adviser for those who prefer a "done for you" financial service.

I get deep satisfaction out of seeing my clients move from hopeless time and energy pressure, or paralysing fear and mind numbing uncertainty about their finances and future prospects, to a place of control, lightness, and joy after transforming their money mindset, and implementing specific systems to maximise their financial and lifestyle freedom.

The Money Maestro Model

If you are like a lot of hard-working professionals or business owners that I work with who are seeking time freedom through investing, then you’ll want a proven wealth creation model created specifically for savvy investors who want to easily and efficiently create money and time freedom for a fabulous life.

The Money Maestro Model® is just that: a proven, five part model that reveals each step on the path to being a Money Maestro who consciously creates a fabulous life - funded by savvy investments and fuelled by growing personal empowerment.

When you pop your details in below, we'll email you the complete model straight away. (Check your junk folder if you don't see it.)