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The Wealth Connection Club

The Wealth Connection Club

The Wealth Connection Club is our mentoring program for you if you wish to actively grow your net worth, and become wealthy.  Program participation is by approved application only.


You are a possible candidate for this club if you:

 Want to be wealthy

Have current asset equity of at least $100K

Have a current annual cashflow surplus of at least $20,000


Our Promise to members of this club is that you will:

–  Define the level of wealth you wish to achieve.

–  Free up the time you need to be a wealth builder.

–  Have a very good chance of becoming millionaires, and even multimillionaires in the next   15 – 20 years or earlier.

–  Understand your wealth profile, and be connected to the best wealth creation strategies for your wealth profile and identity.

–  Learn in detail how to execute your matched strategy.

–  Be challenged to change, and be uncomfortable sometimes.

–  Learn how to change your mindset, to enable successful wealth creation.

–  Be mentored during the execution of your wealth building strategy.

–  Engage in a process to design your life, to clarify your financial goals.

–  Remove whatever obstacles are holding you back from successful wealth creation to the level you desire.

This club is ideally suited to you if you satisfy the above prerequisites, and feel that you currently have no time, energy, or knowledge to build wealth.

If you would like to find out more about this program please email us and request the Wealth Connection Club Info Pack.

The Money Maestro Model

If you are like a lot of hard-working professionals or business owners that I work with who are seeking time freedom through investing, then you’ll want a proven wealth creation model created specifically for savvy investors who want to easily and efficiently create money and time freedom for a fabulous life.

The Money Maestro Model® is just that: a proven, five part model that reveals each step on the path to being a Money Maestro who consciously creates a fabulous life - funded by savvy investments and fuelled by growing personal empowerment.

When you pop your details in below, we'll email you the complete model straight away. (Check your junk folder if you don't see it.)